Dr. Kerry Assil is on The Doctors discussing a model who tattooed his eyes.

“You could actually initially argue that he is hoping to receive money because he’s a model, he’s trying to bring attention to himself.  But, what’s interesting is most people go, in our society fortunately, go out of their way to make their eyes look more white, resorting to things such as Visine or even controversial surgeries to get the red out of their eyes, and so forth.  So it’s rare, fortunately very rare, to see somebody try to bring this kind of attention to themselves by doing this to their eyes.  

It’s underneath the conjuctiva.  You have to stain the sclera, really.  So it’s the layer, it’s the deeper layer, and therein lies some of the problem.  First off, even in the best case scenario he’s going to now – someday as he decides that maybe he doesn’t want to be 100% tattooed – he’ll go to a skin specialist and they’ll use lasers to get rid of a lot of the tattoos on his body.  But he won’t be able to do that with his eyes.  This is not going to be a bad hair day, this is permanent for the rest of his life.  You can’t undo what he’s done to his eyes.  

So this requires a lot of repeat injections into the eye wall.  And with that, when people go to tattoo parlors and they have a bad experience they might get a little infection on their skin, and so forth.  An infection in the eye wall is very different than that.  You don’t have a lot of blood vessels there to fight off the infection, and so you could get a devastating infection that could theoretically could eat all the way into the eyes.  So I guess the bottom line is, for better or worse, don’t try to change the color of your eyes.  At this point in time medical science just hasn’t caught up to being able to do that in a reliable, safe, and reversible way.” – Dr. Kerry Assil