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We are dedicated to providing our patients with the best medical care available in a compassionate and caring atmosphere.

If you are seeking a LASIK, Cataract, Cornea, Retina or Glaucoma specialist in Los Angeles, the doctors at Assil Eye Institute would like to offer you world class eye care and vision correction.  You will experience a one of a kind medical facility that brings the best technology with the most experienced hands in ophthalmology. Helping you achieve your personal best vision is mission critical at our Beverly Hills and Santa Monica offices.

As the official LASIK and Laser Cataract surgeons of the LA Kings and winners of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award our patients can rest assured they are in the care of professional hands.

If you are one of many Californians seeking to improve your vision contact one of our Los Angeles offices. We have patient counselors who will explain the entire surgical process, provide extensive patient education and even help arrange financing.

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Toss Your Reading Glasses – KAMRA, a revolutionary corneal inlay that allows patients to see better at distance and at near

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There are various forms of Laser Vision of which LASIK is just one type. Other models of laser vision correction include: PRK, Reading Vision LASIK and E-LASIK.
“We’ve been fortunate to have been the first center in the world, or one of the first centers in the world, to bring forward the advancement of lots of technologies relating to eye surgery.” – Dr. Kerry Assil
For those patients with a strong desire to throw away their reading glasses, corneal inlays are finally here. Having the distinction of being the first to implant this technology in the US, corneal inlays are fast becoming the best way to correct your need for reading glasses and in some cases also improve your distance vision.
The eye doctors at the Assil Eye Institute pay special attention to matters related to the cornea. Our practice offers a wide variety of diagnostic tools and treatment options designed to treat many cornea and dry-eye-related problems.
Much of the treatment work done by our retina specialists involves: macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, retinal detachments, uveitis, and flashes or floaters.
Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world. Early detection and treatment are the keys to preventing optic nerve damage and vision loss from glaucoma.
Our doctors have discovered many diseases in the body just by examining the eyes. The most common, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even brain tumors and cancers in the body have been discovered even before any symptoms have occurred. Our highly skilled doctors will be able to discuss with you their recommendations for annual or bi annual examinations are right for you.
Health Bites: Early reading may lead to nearsightedness

Nearsightedness occurs when the muscles of the eye are strained for lengthy periods of time without breaks” -Dr. Kerry Assil

Assil Eye Institute offers our patients a complimentary LASIK consultation at either of our Los Angeles locations. During your consultation your questions will be answered and guidance will be provided on available treatments.

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I was totally impressed by the professionalism of the Assil Eye Institute…the day after the surgery showed that already in that eye I had 20/20 vision…It has now been about 3 weeks and I’m just loving being able to see without glasses for reading, having better night vision, and reading street signs clearly.
From the moment that I stepped into the office, my experience was exceptional…Dr Vogel came in to discuss what she believed was going on with my eyes. She was so warm and intelligent and in just 2 minutes with her I could tell how knowledgable she was at her craft.
Hooray! I just had Lasik yesterday with Dr. Assil, and I can already see better than 20-20. It was basically painless.
Dr. Assil treated us like one of his family members. Eyes are the most important organ, trust yours to him and you’ll be glad you did.

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