Dr. Kerry Assil, Medical Director 90210 Surgery Medical Center, leads a top team of specialists called the IV League.  In this IV League special episode of The Doctors, Dr. Assil puts orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Justin Saliman, on a case where the patient considers himself a “walking disaster”.

As an avid athlete, Dave has received significant trauma to his body but none more than what he received in a motorcycle accident nearly five years ago.  Dave’s knee and hip pain have seriously affected his life and he explains that his poor eyesight has caused some of his injuries.  He now suffers from migraines as well.

“Not having great vision is playing a part in me getting injured.” – IV League Patient, Dave

“The chronic pain that Dave experiences prevents him from exercising or even enjoying his quiet time.  And because he had had multiple surgeries previously that had failed, Dr. Justin Saliman was was the right orthopedic surgeon to solve David’s problems.” – Dr. Kerry Assil

Watch specialists Drs. Assil and Saliman of the IV League as they perform life altering procedures on The Doctors.