Optometrists – Los Angeles

At Assil Eye Institute, our optometrists are highly trained experts who diagnose and treat various eye diseases. They perform comprehensive eye health exams which are recommended annually to ensure optimal eye health.  These eye exams are not only an integral part of the work up for refractive and cataract surgeries but they help to uncover glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration and retinal diseases.  Our optometrists continue to spearhead many of our FDA studies and maintain the highest level of continuing education throughout the year to provide the latest treatments and technologies available.

Complete Eye Exams – During your examination, the doctor and the technician will be performing several tests to assess your ocular health. These include a vision test to see how sharply you can see with and without glasses and a refraction to determine your glasses prescription to make sure it is the most current and best prescription. They will check your intraocular eye pressure and dilate your eyes to thoroughly examine the back of your eyes. At the end of your visit, the doctor will provide you with a full explanation of your overall eye health as well as anything they may find during your visit.

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  • Highly skilled/highly educated experts
  • On the forefront of technology
  • Decades of experience
  • FDA clinical trial investigators
  • Comprehensive medical eye evaluations

Medical Evaluation – During your dilated exam, our highly skilled doctors will evaluate not only your eye health but your overall health too. “The eyes are the window to the soul”, just as you can see out, we can see in and eye health is an indicator of your overall systemic health.  Systemic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, brain tumors, autoimmune diseases and certain cancers can be revealed in the eye before there are ever symptoms present. For this reason, we recommend an eye exam every year to maintain your good health.

Surgical Planning – When the time comes, our Optometrists can assist you in making a decision about eye surgery. By following you closely over the years, the time may come when you have a need or desire for surgical intervention. From LASIK to cataracts to glaucoma and more, our specialists are here to aid in the planning and coordinating of your surgical needs and will work closely with our surgeons to make sure your outcome and your experience is the best possible.

Our Los Angeles Optometrists

Dr. John May - Optometrist
Dr. John May - OptometristOD
Dr. May provides patient care with an emphasis on diabetic eye exams, dry eye management and glaucoma screening. Previously he was an assistant professor within the Department of Ophthalmology at Martin Luther King/Drew University Medical Center where he taught in the areas of optics and contact lenses.
Dr. Lindsay Harris - Optometrist
Dr. Lindsay Harris - OptometristOD
Dr. Harris provides comprehensive eye care examinations, treatment and management of ocular diseases, as well as pre and postoperative care for cataracts, LASIK, and corneal transplants. She specifically works with Dr. Assil in preparing pre-surgical plans for all of his intraocular lens procedures. She is extremely excited to continue her clinical and academic growth with such a talented group of professionals at the Assil Eye Institute.