Cornea Specialists – Los Angeles

Early in his career in Saint Louis, Missouri,  Dr. Assil served as the Medical Director of the Mid-America eye and tissue bank. During that time, he had already become one of the most active corneal transplant surgeons in the United States, receiving complex referrals from a six State area.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1995, Dr. Assil created the cornea division at the long established Sinskey Eye Institute as its new Medical Director and CEO and to this day, continues to be a leader in the field of corneal surgery.

Scratched Cornea Symptoms and Treatment

The cornea is the outermost, transparent part of the eye protected only by the eyelids and is made up of several different layers. Unlike any other part of the body, if scratched, the cornea can heal within 24 hours in most cases.

Symptoms of a scratched cornea are; pain, swelling, redness and sometimes discharge from the eye and in some severe cases, loss of vision. Some scratches by animals or plants will require stronger antibiotics to avoid long term complications or visual loss from scarring. If you experience a scratch on your cornea, you should contact our office immediately. At Assil Eye Institute, our doctors are “on-call” 24/7 for just such emergencies and can be contacted at our main office number 310-651-2300.

Cornea Treatments

The eye doctors at the Assil Eye Institute pay special attention to matters related to the cornea. Our practice offers a wide variety of diagnostic tools and treatment options designed to treat many cornea and dry-eye-related problems.

If you have burning, tired eyes, redness, sudden tearing, fluctuating vision and a frequent need to blink, chances are that you have Dry Eye Syndrome; the most common reason people visit the eye doctor. 30 Million Americans suffer with symptoms of Dry-Eye Syndrome including redness, burning and blurry vision.

If you’re looking forward to freedom from dry, burning eyes and difficult to explain blurry vision contact the Assil Eye Institute today at or 310.651.2300 to make your appointment for a comprehensive eye examination with Dr. Assil and be one step closer to dry eye relief!

Why Choose Us

  • With almost thirty years of experience, Dr. Assil is on the forefront of helping patients with many types of corneal disease
  • In his distinguished career, Dr. Assil has performed more than 1,000 successful cornea transplants in Los Angeles
  • Assil Eye institute offers more choices for treatment of corneal diseases
  • The first center west of the Mississippi to offer DELIT dry eye therapy
  • Assil eye Institute takes the “improved lifestyle” approach to treating corneas, both surgically and nonsurgically

What Client’s Say

I wasn’t as concerned as much about the cost as I was about the degree of comfort I had knowing I was being treated by the best of the best.
He was very alert, present and personable. As a naturally nervous person, I felt very comfortable with him through all the tests he ran on my eyes.
I could not be happier!!!! Thanks Dr. Assil!!! Y’all ROCK!!!!!!