iDesign is one of the most revolutionary advances in Laser Refractive Surgery, to come along in the past 10 years, and underscores why the Visx (AMO/J&J) Lasik system’s ever evolving plasticity renders it as the most dominant refractive surgical (laser vision correction) platform worldwide. In addition to delivering precise pulses (capable of etching a person’s name onto a human hair), it can accurately be programmed to sculpt beyond the capabilities of eyeglasses and contact lenses. The iDesign measuring system empowers the laser to perform at its full potential, as it subdivides and measures the eye’s refracting (focusing) surface area into more than a thousand individual segments, as opposed to eyeglasses and contact lenses, which assign only 1 or 2 averaged power readings to the entire ocular focusing surface area. An eye with “3 units” of nearsightedness for instance, has an average focusing error of 3, which is the weighted average of thousands of adjacent focusing zones (each of which can vary in their exact power). iDesign resolves each of these foci into their exact individual power. The iDesign gathered data is then in turn, loaded into the laser, so that in this example, instead of applying 3 units of correction over the entire optical zone, each of the individual focusing zones, receives the exact amount of correction necessary to transform it into an optimal focusing surface. The same is true for iDesign’s treatment of other eye focusing problems, including astigmatism.

iDesign serves as an ultimate airbrush (rather than paintbrush) technique for Laser vision correction and is only available worldwide, on the Visx platform (which is integrated into our eLasik treatment approach). This revolutionary advance was one key reason for Johnson and Johnson’s recent acquisition of Visx. iDesign’s capabilities far outstrip those of its predecessor technology (the WaveScan wavefront Aberrometer) and the visual results are unparalleled in the entire refractive surgical industry, providing far better outcomes than other Lasik or SMILE surgical options.

We were pleased to have assisted AMO (Johnson and Johnson) in their evaluations of the early iDesign prototypes (more than 10 years ago). iDesign also dovetails in ideal fashion with eLasik (invented at our center), as the latter affords a significantly wider hinge that is placed on the temporal (most spacious) corneal quadrant along with a thin, elliptical shaped flap (mirroring each individual’s unique corneal anatomy). In our experience, these eLasik features combine to translate into greater flap stability, less dry eye, superior optics and greater corneal tectonic strength. By maximizing stromal bed exposure, eLasik further enhances the iDesign’s treatment algorithms of offering an optimally large optical zone (for better contrast and night vision).

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