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Assil Eye – LA Kings Opening Night

We are proud to take care of the LA Kings and so happy to help so many people restore their vision, including our winner of the giveaway at the Kings Opening night!

Dr. Kerry Assil on The Doctors – KAMRA for near vision

Imagine how much nicer everyday life would be if you weren’t constantly reaching for your reading glasses or feeling lost without them. Simple tasks like reading the news, sending a text message or checking the care instructions on a favorite sweater would be faster, easier and more enjoyable. Dr. Assil discusses KAMRA for [...]

Should I Sleep In My Contacts?

"Sleeping in contacts also messes with your eyes in the long run. We blink about 3 million times a year, and when you wear contacts, every blink against them creates a tiny abrasion, Assil says. Over time, the eyelid’s inner lining becomes rougher from all the rubbing, keeping it from reaching the same levels of [...]

Dr. Kerry Assil to Complete Final FDA-Supervised Implants of Presbia Flexivue Microlens™

Renowned eye surgeon among first in study to improve near vision LOS ANGELES, Calif. (September 10, 2015) — Tomorrow, renowned eye surgeon, Dr. Kerry Assil will perform surgery on the last two patients, who will be enrolled in the final phase of the Presbia Flexiuve Microlens™ as part of an FDA study. The study began last year, when he was the first to [...]

Dr. Assil – ABC News – Presbyopia and KAMRA

  ABC News: Even if you’ve never had a vision problem you are likely gonna end up with presbyopia, that is the age-related issue that makes it harder to read things like books or menus up close. I’m quite familiar with that, but as health specialist Denise Dador reports, a newly approved vision procedure may [...]

The passing of our Founding Father

Dr. Robert Sinskey, the Founding Father of both our Eye Institute and our Surgery Centers passed away Sunday June 21st. We at Assil Eye Institute and 90210 SMC want to celebrate the life well lived by this brilliant man. In 1947, Dr. Robert Sinskey finishing his Ophthalmology Training at Duke University and headed to Japan, [...]

One day post operatively, his vision was 90% restored for distance and reading – KAMRA Los Angeles

48 year old, 20 year employee of Assil Eye Institute, Aaron Redman gets the newest KAMRA procedure to regain his focus for reading and distance. Immediately following his procedure yesterday he said that it was a totally painless procedure. One day post operatively, his vision was 90% restored for distance and reading. "Its like I'm [...]

Marlee Matlin’s Vision Scare and Cataract Surgery Results

Marlee Matlin on The Doctor's TV Show discussing her vision scare and results after cataract surgery with Dr. Kerry Assil of the Assil Eye Institute in Los Angeles.

ABC News Health Specialist Denise Dador Visits Dr. Kerry Assil – Toss Your Reading Glasses

Denise Dador, the Eyewitness News Health specialist for ABC7 Los Angeles visits Dr. Kerry Assil to discuss a new technology where you can finally toss your reading glasses. Tune in tonight (6.5.15) at 5pm!    

A First – Dr. Kerry Assil – KAMRA Inlay for Presbyopia – Near Reading Vision – Los Angeles

A First - Dr. Kerry Assil of Assil Eye Insitute Los Angeles performs the KAMRA Inlay procedure for Presbyopia. Dr. Assil was one of the very few selected in the entire U.S. to perform this procedure that corrects near reading vision. [soliloquy id="906"]