Cost is a big factor when considering LASIK eye surgery. Being the most experienced eye institute in Los Angeles, many people look to Assil Eye Institute for a reliable range of cost.

The cost of LASIK eye surgery can vary widely by region but also by the experience of the surgeon, the technology available in the facility and available insurance benefits. Make sure you find an expert in refractive surgery, have a consultation with him or her and make sure you feel comfortable with them and the practice prior to having your procedure.

Generally speaking, the cost of LASIK surgery ranges from $1,500-$4,000 per eye. Advertised prices lower than this typical range are unrealistic and can result in the need for a subsequent LASIK surgery at an additional cost to the patient.

Most facilities in Southern California that offer LASIK are limited in available technology. Assil Eye Institute Los Angeles employs the most advanced technology available in its LASIK Center. Dr. Assil believes precision, as well as patient safety and comfort, are the most important factors when performing LASIK surgery. This is why we’re the only center that houses two identical ALL-LASER LASIK suites.

Both of our surgical suites are equipped with an iFS™ Intralase™ laser for blade-free LASIK as well as the VISX ™ STAR Excimer Laser System for sculpting the cornea and 4D WaveScan Wavefront™ technology for optimal treatment accuracy. We calibrate the lasers between each treatment and our calibration standards are higher than the manufacturer’s standards. This means if one LASIK suite doesn’t meet our exacting standards, we have another system ready to go; a testament to our commitment to patient safety and excellence.

Some of our most frequent questions related to LASIK treatment and LASIK cost are:

  • Who will perform my procedure?
  • What LASIK technology is best for my eyes?
  • Will I need more than one type of procedure for my correction?
  • Will I see 20/20 after my LASIK procedure?

To answer these questions, we offer our patients a complimentary LASIK consultation to be able to gather information about your eyes and answer all of these questions and more. Once our specialists determine what procedure(s) are right for you, we can then address the cost.

LASIK procedures can be financed through Care Credit to make any procedure affordable with available 24 months, no interest financing.

We will provide you with all the answers you need to make an informed decision about your vision correction needs. In addition, we can work with your tax free Flexible Spending Account or your Health Savings Account or a combination.

A good first step to understanding the cost of LASIK is to first find out if you are a candidate. Take the LASIK candidate test here: