Dr. Kerry Assil, Medical Director 90210 SMC, is joined by the IV League a team of experts in their fields who tackle the most complicated medical cases.

Joan, 44, says she has been suffering from severe, chronic bleeding from her uterus for the past two years. Possibly resulting from a hormonal imbalance and polyps within the uterus, Joan’s prolonged, excessive bleeding has resulted in her becoming anemic and experiencing frequent bouts of dizziness. Consequently, Joan says she has fallen numerous times and has injured her right knee, making it difficult for her to walk. She reached out to The Doctors for help.

Dr. Assil is joined by OB-GYN Dr. Thais Aliabedi and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Derek Dee who describe their respective treatments for one woman’s excessive uterine bleeding and debilitating knee pain. Plus, hear how the patient is doing post-surgery.