Beverly Hills, CA – August 7, 2012

Kerry K. Assil, M.D. Medical Director and Founder of the Assil Eye Institute performed the first cataract surgery in the United States with the LensAR™ Laser System, a revolutionary way to treat cataracts that is less invasive, and customized to the patient’s eye.
The revolutionary new surgery, which took 15 minutes to complete, was performed on a 78-year-woman with a dense nuclear cataract that had been impacting her vision and quality of life for several years. The morning after surgery, the patient’s vision was 20/20 in the corrected eye.

The LensAR Laser System is also especially well-suited to use with today’s multifocal, or accommodating intraocular lenses that allow patients to see more clearly up close and at distance without glasses, often freeing them from corrective lenses for the first time in their lives. For many patients, this means a dramatic improvement in quality of life; freedom to do the things they enjoy.

The LensAR Laser System contains a proprietary imaging system that uniquely and precisely defines the actual shape and location (in space) of the cataract so the laser pulses may precisely position within the cataract so as to safely soften it, thus utilizing minimal ultrasound energy for cataract removal.

The revolutionary LensAR imaging system combines the benefits of multiple advanced technologies, including:

Confocal illumination
Scheinflug scanning
Ray tracing resolution.
The Assil Eye Institute has long been known for its leadership in laser eye surgery with founder, Kerry K. Assil, MD bringing many LASIK innovations to his patients. Dr. Assil is once again offering to his patients another revolutionary laser breakthrough: What he believes is the safest possible solution for cataract removal today.