The Doctors Show Visits Assil Eye Institute

In this special episode of The Doctors Show, Dr. Ian Smith, one of the shows newest co-hosts, “checks in” at Assil Eye Institute. Dr. Smith comes to Assil Eye to be evaluated for glaucoma. Knowing that glaucoma can be hereditary and his grandfather has the eye disease, Dr. Smith comes to Dr. Kerry Assil for an evaluation by special request. Once Dr. Smith is at Assil Eye, he undergoes some very advanced diagnostic testing with the use of the Heidelberg Spectralis. Along with dilation (enlarging the pupil) and examination of Dr. Smith’s retina and optic nerve, the Spectralis will photograph the back of the retina and the optic nerve to see if the nerve fiber layer is being lost at an advanced rate. Always at the forefront of technology, Assil Eye has been using the latest version of the Spectralis for the past year.

After careful examination and testing, Dr. Ian’s nerves are healthy. After developing a “baseline measurement” for Dr. Smith, Dr. Assil recommends that he and his family be checked annually as to make sure they retain their vision. With glaucoma, we can most always see the loss before there are any visual symptoms for patients. As with most diseases, early detection and treatment can most always result in controlling the effects of glaucoma.